Villa Splendid

Dubrovnik, Croatia


Words nor photos can describe the magic of this exclusive luxury villa. As a guest of Villa Splendid, you will enjoy one of two luxurious personal cottages, Lillian’s Cottage and Bobby’s Cottage. The incomparable physical surroundings, location, area activities, amenities, history,  and privacy will make your visit to our home a destination of a lifetime. Villa Splendid is secluded on the waters edge of the Lapad peninsula, only 2.5 miles from the old city of Dubrovnik. Not far from the villa, along the beach you will encounter an array of water activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boating, and sailing. A ten minute stroll will take you to “The Pedestrian Walkway” and a variety of lively outdoor cafes, street vendors, and restaurants. At Villa Splendid, the excellence of local Croatian cuisine and the vibrancy of local life is but an arms length away.


A destination like no other...

Villa Splendid rises from the sparkling Adriatic in 4 stories. The limestone used to build the villa was excavated from the same area as the White House stone.  Built in 1934 for the treasurer to the king of Yugoslavia, the property included a main house and three smaller buildings, with 8,000 square feet or so of combined living space and 150 feet of frontage on the water. 10 years of renovations by Croatian craftsman and stone workers resurrected this gorgeous villa, a jewel of the Lapad Peninsula.

Welcome to the Cottages of Villa Splendid